Introducing a game-changer for the family table.

Existing users: please see urgent and important info on transferring your recipes to a new phone or tablet.

As seen in the New York Times, and featured in eHow’s 12 Great Apps For Moms, Spinning Meals is the only iPhone app that automatically plans your weekly meal schedule for you, based on your own recipes and preferences! Create an entire week’s meal plan with a simple tap, and the app will automatically generate a shopping list for you to ensure you have all the ingredients necessary to make tasty, nutritious meals for the whole family.


  • Automatically plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and/or dessert
  • Group recipes into meals (Pork Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus)
  • Organize meals by category, season, and desired frequency
  • Control planning behavior with spin settings
  • Shop from the grocery list generated from the meal plan
  • Build meal plans manually if you prefer
  • Internet recipe capture searches popular recipe sites to save in the app

Using a patent-pending planning engine, Spinning Meals considers your food preferences and the seasonal variations which go along with your family’s favorite meals. Customize each recipe in your queue so the “spinner” will know how often you wish each dish to appear on your meal plans. Give the app a spin and “Voilà!” Your grocery list and meal schedule is all ready to go.

Critical acclaim:

This genius app takes the tedium out of menu planning. With a single spin, you get a weekly menu and a shopping list that makes it easy to pull off. It’s also simple to customize and add your family’s favorite dishes to the rotation.
-Marisa McClellan, blogger and author of the Food in Jars Cookbook, and seasoned meal planner
I’m very impressed with this app, top to bottom. It solves the problem of the dinner rut, lets you use your own recipes while also adding in fresh ideas and it gives you automatic grocery lists. An all around win, win, win for me.
-Heather Leister, theiPhonemom.com

What users are saying:

★★★★★ “I absolutely love it. I have been using it for a month or so and find it easy to stick to.” -App Store review by bunnydays

★★★★★ “This App Saved My Marriage” – App Store review by On My Way Up Now

★★★★★ “Assigning meals with a specific frequency and season is genius! I am so glad to see an app that uses my methods and values for feeding my family!” App Store review by JMBacker

Stay tuned for exciting new updates coming soon!


Hi, I’m Ryan Smith, a family cooking blogger and the creator of the Spinning Meals app. The big idea behind Spinning Meals is that in a single tap, it generates your meal plan and shopping list, based on your favorite recipes, and the schedule and preferences you set.

Some recipes are provided, and you can enter your own, organizing by category and prep time, which are used by the app to plan faster meals on certain days to fit your schedule.

Entering ingredients and instructions can be very simple for a recipe you already know, just give it a title and put in the few key ingredients you’ll need to purchase.

Under Meals, you group recipes together and assign a season and frequency, for instance apple-ginger glazed pork chops with pan-seared broccoli and yams is a meal we eat often, in the winter. The app then generates a smart meal plan for the current season.

Match the app to your schedule in Spin Settings, where you can turn meal planning off and on for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner each day, or choose a set meal for a day of the week, maybe Pizza Night every Thursday.

With this the app creates a Meal Plan that suits your schedule and the seasons of the year, with a shopping list organized by department. You can adjust the plan manually and also add recipes one at a time if you prefer.

With your shopping list you can add other items easily, including recurring items that you always consider buying at every shopping trip, like milk or eggs.

Let’s face it, healthy eating is hard to master. Give yourself an advantage you’ll be thankful for week after week after week.

I am passionate about families continuing to cook at home and eat together. We want to hear your feedback, and make this app a real game-changer for your family and your health. Please also join in the conversation at our family cooking blog which is SpinningCook.com. To your health!



We love your feedback and will promptly respond!



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spinning Meals work?

Spinning Meals is the only iPhone app which automatically creates a meal plan and shopping list, based on your own recipes and preferences. For the best overall explanation of how it does this, please see our tutorial / trailer video at http://trailer.spinningmeals.com

Is an iPad version available?

The app currently runs on iPad (“iPad compatible”) but it is not yet optimized for iPad. Look for an iPad version coming soon which will take full advantage of the larger screen, and be a pleasure to cook from in your kitchen.

Is an Android version available?

We are also working on an Android version. In the meantime, you can help us by spreading the word about the iPhone version, as its success will determine how quickly we can enable it for Android.

What if I have multiple phones or devices?

We are developing the capability to synchronize your recipes, meals, shopping lists, and meal plans, across multiple supported devices. This service will be provided free, so we encourage you to “take the plunge” and begin setting up your recipes in the app, knowing that device synchronization (and backup) is coming.

I don’t like cooking from my small iPhone screen, is there a better way?

Spinning Meals can send recipes to your AirPrint-compatible printer. AirPrint uses WiFi to print without wires or a computer. If your printer is not AirPrint-compatible, here are two ideas:

1. Consider that many inexpensive printers today provide AirPrint yet cost little more than the face value of the included ink cartridges (this is because manufacturers want to convert you to their ink brand), so upgrading to a wireless printer may cost you very little.

2. While not officially supported by Apple, we understand there is a way to set up your wireless Mac or PC to allow your iPhone to print through it. You can read about it for Mac or PC.

I prefer metric measurements. Can I switch to metric?

The app can handle recipes of both imperial and metric measurements. However, there is no “switch” which can be flipped to convert recipes from one format to another. We plan to look into it, to see how difficult it would be to make this conversion automatic.

The best way to capture recipes in metric right now, is to use Add from URL (from the Recipes tab, after tapping +), then type in Food.com in the address bar, then navigate to a recipe you like, at which point you can select Metric near the top. Now tap the Capture button, and it will be saved to the app in metric units.

Finally, if you have some favorite metric recipe websites, please send them our way. We have been looking for some metric recipe sites, to try to enable the “Add from Web” recipe capture. It would still depend on whether we can get the technical pieces to work properly with the site(s), as all websites are formatted a little differently, but I would love to try to make some of your favorite sites work if you can suggest some to us.

I added recipes and they’re not appearing in my meal plans, what’s wrong?

Recipes need to be grouped into Meals, and associated to one or more Seasons, to appear in a meal plan. Go to the Meals tab, tap +, then choose one or more Recipes which you will eat together as a Meal. You should also check to make sure your Meals have one or more Seasons assigned, and that their frequency is not set to Never.

I like the concept but why aren’t there more recipes included?

Included recipes are intended to get you started immediately, but we recognize that each family’s needs are different. So rather than try to provide recipes that will work for everyone (impossible) we’ve built the app to allow you to capture the right mix of recipes for you. What do you consider healthy, tasty, affordable, easy? Use Internet recipe capture and Meal groupings to build your perfect rotation.

Internet recipe capture is not capturing all of the information correctly, is something wrong?

With the original implementation of the internet recipe capture, we have found some inconsistencies in the recipe formatting “tags” we use to place recipe components into the right fields in Spinning Meals.

Update: Version 1.3 introduced a new approach to internet recipe capture, designed to overcome these challenges, while also providing a much easier user experience. Please advise us of any issues you continue to see. We are also considering bringing back the original search function as an alternative for those who still want it.

How are the Seasons defined?

  • Spring Meals appear on your Meal Plan in March, April, and May.
  • Summer Meals appear on your Meal Plan in June, July, and August.
  • Fall Meals appear on your Meal Plan in September, October, and November.
  • Winter Meals appear on your Meal Plan in December, January, and February.

NOTE: If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, we realize that this is backwards for you, and are developing a new setting to enable reverse seasonality. At that point the months listed above will be offset by six months. Since this feature is coming soon (target release date is January 26, Australia Day), we recommend designating your Fall recipes (March-May) as Fall, even though they won’t plan properly until this feature is available.

Would it be possible to group repeating ingredients together?

Yes, we agree that lines like “2 tablespoons olive oil” and “1 tablespoon olive oil” should be grouped together as simply “Olive Oil.” This is a bit challenging to do properly but we are working on it and will provide this in a future release.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please send us an email at wecare@spinningmeals.com. We will respond promptly, and will expand this list to reflect new common questions and application updates.