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Posted 12 years ago by Ryan

Introducing a game-changer for the family table.

Existing users: please see urgent and important info on transferring your recipes to a new phone or tablet.

As seen in the New York Times, and featured in eHow’s 12 Great Apps For Moms, Spinning Meals is the only iPhone app that automatically plans your weekly meal schedule for you, based on your own recipes and preferences! Create an entire week’s meal plan with a simple tap, and the app will automatically generate a shopping list for you to ensure you have all the ingredients necessary to make tasty, nutritious meals for the whole family.


  • Automatically plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and/or dessert
  • Group recipes into meals (Pork Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus)
  • Organize meals by category, season, and desired frequency
  • Control planning behavior with spin settings
  • Shop from the grocery list generated from the meal plan
  • Build meal plans manually if you prefer
  • Internet recipe capture searches popular recipe sites to save in the app

Using a patent-pending planning engine, Spinning Meals considers your food preferences and the seasonal variations which go along with your family’s favorite meals. Customize each recipe in your queue so the “spinner” will know how often you wish each dish to appear on your meal plans. Give the app a spin and “Voilà!” Your grocery list and meal schedule is all ready to go.

Critical acclaim:

This genius app takes the tedium out of menu planning. With a single spin, you get a weekly menu and a shopping list that makes it easy to pull off. It’s also simple to customize and add your family’s favorite dishes to the rotation.
-Marisa McClellan, blogger and author of the Food in Jars Cookbook, and seasoned meal planner
I’m very impressed with this app, top to bottom. It solves the problem of the dinner rut, lets you use your own recipes while also adding in fresh ideas and it gives you automatic grocery lists. An all around win, win, win for me.
-Heather Leister, theiPhonemom.com

What users are saying:

★★★★★ “I absolutely love it. I have been using it for a month or so and find it easy to stick to.” -App Store review by bunnydays

★★★★★ “This App Saved My Marriage” – App Store review by On My Way Up Now

★★★★★ “Assigning meals with a specific frequency and season is genius! I am so glad to see an app that uses my methods and values for feeding my family!” App Store review by JMBacker

Stay tuned for exciting new updates coming soon!

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