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Posted 12 years ago by Rick

Hi, I’m Ryan Smith, a family cooking blogger and the creator of the Spinning Meals app. The big idea behind Spinning Meals is that in a single tap, it generates your meal plan and shopping list, based on your favorite recipes, and the schedule and preferences you set.

Some recipes are provided, and you can enter your own, organizing by category and prep time, which are used by the app to plan faster meals on certain days to fit your schedule.

Entering ingredients and instructions can be very simple for a recipe you already know, just give it a title and put in the few key ingredients you’ll need to purchase.

Under Meals, you group recipes together and assign a season and frequency, for instance apple-ginger glazed pork chops with pan-seared broccoli and yams is a meal we eat often, in the winter. The app then generates a smart meal plan for the current season.

Match the app to your schedule in Spin Settings, where you can turn meal planning off and on for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner each day, or choose a set meal for a day of the week, maybe Pizza Night every Thursday.

With this the app creates a Meal Plan that suits your schedule and the seasons of the year, with a shopping list organized by department. You can adjust the plan manually and also add recipes one at a time if you prefer.

With your shopping list you can add other items easily, including recurring items that you always consider buying at every shopping trip, like milk or eggs.

Let’s face it, healthy eating is hard to master. Give yourself an advantage you’ll be thankful for week after week after week.

I am passionate about families continuing to cook at home and eat together. We want to hear your feedback, and make this app a real game-changer for your family and your health. Please also join in the conversation at our family cooking blog which is SpinningCook.com. To your health!

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